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Question marks handling

Possible continuations are treated special way in therion in both centerline and map files. You may associate text description and arbitrary code with it. There is no special syntax for the code, different speleo groups have different standards for question mark classification, any string will be accepted.

Question marks in centerline

In the centerline object, you may add a special flags to the station, where continuation is possible. Just use following syntax

station 5 "unexplored cca. 20 m pit" continuation code V

When you export map and you use

symbol-show point continuation-station

in your layout, station with continuation flag specified is marked by question mark.

You may redefine continuation station symbol to show also continuation description and code (stored in text attribute) using following layout code

code metapost
  def p_continuation(expr pos,theta,sc,al) =

    % draw question mark above station

    % if text attribute is set
    if ATTR__text_x:
      % set labeling color to light orange
      push_label_fill_color(1.0, 0.9, 0.8);   
      % draw filled label with text below station
      p_label.bot(ATTR__text,pos shifted (0,-0.5u),0.0,8);      
      % restore original labeling color

Then also continuation code and description is displayed in the map.

Question marks in maps

In the scrap (.th2 file), you can use -text and -code options to continuation symbol.

point 796.0 676.0 continuation -text "water too cold to continue" -code A

In the map, also only question marks are displayed.

When you redefine continuation symbol as mentioned above, you can show also continuation codes and descriptions.

Exporting question mark lists

You may also export a list of all continuations from your project project using

export continuation-list -o questions.html

File questions.html then contains following list:

Awater too cold to continueSample cave7
Bstrong wind from breakdownSample cave3
Vunexplored cca. 20 m pitSample cave5

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