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 +==== Therion by examples ====
 +These wiki pages originated from the html pages I published
 +in September 2006. 
 +You are welcome to
 +  - correct any mistake;
 +  - rephrase sentences and paragraphs, for a better explanation, or just a better english;
 +  - modify the images, and even replace any of them with better ones;
 +  - add new sections;
 +  - do whatever improvement you like.
 +However, please, do not disrupt the reference structure of the document,
 +i.e., the section numbering and the keyword index.
 +Also, please, fill in the pink bar with an edit summary.
 +You can also put your initials there, or leave it anonymous.
 +[[tbe::wiki1|Chapter 1]] Installation\\
 +[[tbe::wiki2|Chapter 2]] Graphical objects\\
 +[[tbe::wiki3|Chapter 3]] Basic drawing\\
 +[[tbe::wiki4|Chapter 4]] Advanced drawing\\
 +[[tbe::wiki5|Chapter 5]] Expert usage\\
 +[[tbe::wiki6|Chapter 6]] Extending therion\\
 +[[tbe::wiki7|Chapter 7]] The next therion\\
 +This document was designed to come with a set of simple examples.
 +Unfortunately they have evolved and do not correspond to what written
 +in the pages.
 +The example used to write //Therion by Examples// are now available,
 +[[tbe::playground|TBE Playground]]
 +Septermber 29, 2006\\
 +marco corvi <marco underscore corvi at geocities dot com>
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