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 [[http://​www.tug.org www.tug.org| ​   TeX Users Group]]\\ [[http://​www.tug.org www.tug.org| ​   TeX Users Group]]\\
-[[http://​ctan.tug.org/​tex-archive/​info/​gentle/​gentle.pdf| ​   Michael Doob's guide to TeX]]\\+[[http://​ctan.tug.org/​tex-archive/​info/​gentle/​gentle.pdf| ​   Michael Doob's guide to TeX]] and [[https://​ksp.mff.cuni.cz/​encyklopedie/​jemny-uvod-do-TeXu.pdf| ​   Czech version]]\\
 [[http://​mirrors.ctan.org/​info/​impatient/​book.pdf| ​   TeX for the Impatient]]\\ [[http://​mirrors.ctan.org/​info/​impatient/​book.pdf| ​   TeX for the Impatient]]\\
 [[http://​webpages.charter.net/​davidlha/​trm.html| ​   TeX Primitive Control Sequences]] -- TeX Reference Manual\\ [[http://​webpages.charter.net/​davidlha/​trm.html| ​   TeX Primitive Control Sequences]] -- TeX Reference Manual\\
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