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 ===== station ===== ===== station =====
 (These are just a type of [[drawingchecklist#​points|point]]. ​ See [[drawingchecklist#​points|below]])\\ (These are just a type of [[drawingchecklist#​points|point]]. ​ See [[drawingchecklist#​points|below]])\\
 +Each plan, elevation or extended scrap must have at least two ''​point stations''​ defined, otherwise Therion cannot properly relate the scrap drawing to the survey centreline.
 ''​__point station__'' ​ ''​__point station__'' ​
 <​code>​ -name <​prefix><​No>​@survey ​ <​code>​ -name <​prefix><​No>​@survey ​
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