The current version of Therion is 5.5.7, released on Feb 6, 2021

Source code [2 MB] – compiles on Linux, Windows and MacOS X; requires some additional programs

Therion for Windows [24 MB] – installs everything necessary to run Therion.

Development files: sources on GitHub & the current Therion for Windows [built on Jun 6, 2021 from the commit 5fc5b63; 24 MB].

Therion packages for other platforms (not maintained by Therion authors): Debian GNU/Linux, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora.


Therion – Digital Cave Maps: an article presented on the 4th European Speleological Congress
The Therion Book: the reference manual (included also in the installation packages)
See also the wiki pages and the list of recent changes.

Sample data

Find out how Therion works on example data. It takes only a few minutes to install Therion, run the example and get maps and model of the cave.

Padavka Chamber – somewhat complicated real-cave example [tar.gz | zip]
Rabbit Cave – plan and extended elevation [tar.gz | zip]
Example cave 1 – rather simple example [tar.gz | zip]