The current version of Therion is 5.4.4, released on May 1, 2019

Source code [2 MB] – compiles on Linux, Windows and MacOS X; requires some additional programs

Therion for Windows [21 MB] – installs everything necessary to run Therion.

Development files: sources on GitHub & the current Therion for Windows [built on Jun 25, 2019 from the commit bd62e22; 21 MB].

Therion packages for other platforms (not maintained by Therion authors): Debian GNU/Linux, Arch Linux.


Therion – Digital Cave Maps: an article presented on the 4th European Speleological Congress
The Therion Book: the reference manual (included also in the installation packages)
See also the wiki pages.

Sample data

Find out how Therion works on example data. It takes only a few minutes to install Therion, run the example and get maps and model of the cave.

Padavka Chamber – somewhat complicated real-cave example [tar.gz | zip]
Rabbit Cave – plan and extended elevation [tar.gz | zip]
Example cave 1 – rather simple example [tar.gz | zip]