Therion—first run

After installing Therion you may try it on example data:

  • Download the sample data from Therion web page and unpack it somewhere on your computer's hard drive.
  • Run XTherion (under Unix and MacOS X by typing 'xtherion' in the command line, under Windows there is a shortcut in the Start menu).
  • Open the file 'thconfig' from the sample data directory in the 'Compiler' window of XTherion
  • Press 'F9' or 'compile' in the menu to run Therion on the data—you'll get some messages from Therion, MetaPost and TeX.
  • PDF maps and 3D model are created in the data directory.

Additionally, you may open survey data files (*.th) in the 'Text editor' window and map data files (*.th2) in the 'Map editor' window of XTherion. The format of data files is explained in The Therion Book in detail.