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 See also [[extend|Extended Elevations]] page for comprehensive extended elevation guidance. See also [[extend|Extended Elevations]] page for comprehensive extended elevation guidance.
 =====Map Layout===== =====Map Layout=====
 +====How to make map outputs match ISO paper size proportions====
 +from Chris Hayes
 +ISO paper sizes have an edge length ratio, H:W, of √2:1, or vise versa. However when exporting maps to pdf, Therion makes the pdf exactly match the bounds of the cave, plus any images or legend elements that we might include with the layout. ​ This does not typically match an ISO paper size, or the proportions thereof.
 +If we want our exported map output to scale nicely to print to a standard paper size (e.g. A4, A3, A1) then we need to cunningly include a map-header and or a map-image element to nudge the size of the pdf '​paper'​.
 +  * Compile a map with ''​map-header 0 100 nw''​ and ''​map-header 100 0 se''​ to get the dimensions, H and W of the pdf, then modify the map-header specification and compile again.
 +  * For portrait outputs; ​ add / remove ''​delta H = 50*[√(2)*W/​H -1]''​ to the y positions
 +  * For landscape outputs; add / remove ''​delta W = 50*[√(2)*H/​W -1]''​ to the x positions
 +  # Example for a portrait output, with modified y positions
 +  map-header 0 109.79986718266315 nw               #​place map header in top left corner
 +  map-image 100 -9.79986718266315 se Club_Logo.png #place an image such as club logo in bottom right corner
 +The output will probably not match an ISO paper size that you have in your printer, but it will be of the correct proportion to be scaled to fit thatISO paper size.
 ====Map-image and custom legendbox==== ====Map-image and custom legendbox====
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