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 {{:​multilingual_legend.png|}} {{:​multilingual_legend.png|}}
 +==== Hiding particular symbols from legend ====
 +Sometimes you might want to hide just one particular symbol from the legend. \\
 +This is as simple as setting the legend text for the symbol to an empty string, ""​ \\
 +This is done within the thconfig file.
 +  text en "line border:​visible"​ ""​
 +  text en "line border:​temporary"​ ""​
 +  text en "line border:​presumed"​ ""​
 +  ​
 +With this example, none of these borders will appear in the legend, even if these lines are used in the drawing.
 +  ​
 =====Atlas Layout Parameter Calculator===== =====Atlas Layout Parameter Calculator=====
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