Therion will produce an sql dump file that can be up loaded to a sql database surver.

In the thconfig file use

export options [OPTIONS]

Current (version 5.3) options are

  • format/fmt <format> ◃ currently only sql
  • encoding/enc <encoding> ◃ set output encoding
  • output/o <file> ◃ set output file name. If no file name is given the prefix “cave.” is used with an extension corresponding to output format. If the output filename is given and no output format is specified, the format is determined from the filename extension.

This file can be uploaded to a database server and then queried.
It can also be viewed locally. See externalviewers

Please remember that the output of the queries are only as reliable as the data contained in the survey files!

To most cavers querying a sql database by hand is outside their skill set, therefore a web interface offering the following has been produced. An example can be found here and a new, more comprehensive version here. The web files should be transferable to different Web servers or local machines, to allow different project to use them. See Installation Instructions for further detail.

Queries Available

The sub-bullet points are options

  • Who has done what: Produces a list of lengths of passage with the following options
    • Passage Surveyed or Explored
    • Between different dates
    • Filter by surveys containing a search key
  • The lengths of surveys
    • Explored between different dates
    • Surveyed between different dates
    • Filter by surveys containing a search key
  • Passage Direction Polar Diagrams
    • Bearing or Gradient
    • For Bearings: horizontal or true length
    • Each measurement taken individually or reciprocals added together
    • Segments size controlled by the radius or the area of the segment being proportional to the length
    • The number of segment for the diagram
    • The size of the diagram, in pixels produced
    • Filter by surveys containing a search key
    • Passages surveyed between different dates

After the diagram a table of results is also displayed. For the Gradient vertically up is added into the last group.

  • Histogram of Survey Leg's Mean Altitude
    • Minimum Altitude (default is the Minimum underground staTion altitude found in the database
    • Maximum Altitude (default is the Maximum underground staTion altitude found in the database
    • Number of bars
    • A horizontal or vertical bar histogram.

Currently the histogram is produced from all the data, including the duplicates and the surface leg, otherwise the search takes too long. If one of the altitudes given is between the actual minimum and maximum, currently the output gets it wrong. After the diagram a table of results is produced.

  • List of surveys with no surveyors
  • List of surveys with no associated maps
  • List of shot and/or station flags
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