This guide covers therion 5.3.10 installation on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. (With version 5.3.11 you will not need to edit installation files. Sluka)

We will need

  • Xcode - install from AppStore
  • Command Line Tools - install using Install button in Xcode → Preferences → Downloads → Command Line Tools
  • Terminal - part of OS X installation
  • Some therion dependecies will be installed using Homebrew package manager.

wxWidgets 2.8 will not build on OS X 10.8 - - so we are forced to use development 2.9 version

:!: Warning: If Loch is not working correctly - try: start Loch and open files by double-click in Finder. (Sluka). Loch is working as expected now, but after upgrade to 10.8.3 I had to recompile it.

Homebrew is package manager for OS X - Wikipedia

In comparison to other package managers like Fink or MacPorts Homebrew works hard to avoid package duplication - Homebrew compiles its packages against libraries built into OS X.

Install Homebrew - see instructions on

Install MacTeX package from

Run following commands in Terminal:

brew update
brew doctor

follow (if any) instructions in results of “doctor” command

brew install lcdf-typetools
brew install wxmac
brew install freetype
brew install vtk
brew install --overwrite imagemagick
brew doctor 

“–overwrite” parameter you may use if problems with linking (there is another installation, not the brew's). ImageMagick is such case, it is installed by MacOSX Xcode installation, but evidently not all necessary files.

Download therion source code from

Extract tarball to ~/Downloads


In Terminal run:

sudo mkdir /usr/X11/include
sudo ln -s /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Headers /usr/X11/include/GL

Now we need to customize several files

Edit ~/Downloads/therion/Makefile

replace line 65:

POBJECTS = extern/getopt.o extern/getopt1.o extern/getline.o


POBJECTS = extern/getopt.o extern/getopt1.o

Edit ~/Downloads/therion/loch/lxFile.cxx

replace section starting on line 12:

#if defined LXWIN32 || defined LXMACOSX || defined THWIN32 || defined THMACOSX
#include "getline.h"


#if defined LXWIN32 || defined THWIN32
#include "getline.h"

Edit ~/Downloads/therion/loch/Makefile

replace section starting on line 9 with:

#VTKVERSION = $(shell tclsh getvtkver.tcl version)
VTKPATH = /usr/local/include/vtk-$(VTKVERSION)
#VTKPATH = $(shell tclsh getvtkver.tcl incpath)
VTKLIBPATH = /usr/local/lib/vtk-$(VTKVERSION)
#VTKLIBPATH = $(shell tclsh getvtkver.tcl libpath)
VTKLIBS = -lvtkHybrid -lvtkImaging -lvtkIO -lvtkGraphics -lvtkFiltering -lvtkCommon -lvtkjpeg -lvtkpng -lvtkzlib -lvtksys -lfreetype

replace section starting on line 54 with:

CXX = c++
CC = cc
CXXPFLAGS = -W -Wall -DLXMACOSX $(shell wx-config --cxxflags) -I$(VTKPATH) -Wno-deprecated -I/usr/X11R6/include $(shell freetype-config --cflags)
CCPFLAGS = -W -Wall -DLXMACOSX $(shell wx-config --cflags) -I/usr/X11R6/include
PLIBS = -lz -L/usr/X11R6/lib $(shell wx-config --libs --gl-libs) -L$(VTKLIBPATH) $(VTKLIBS)
POSTMAKE = cp -f ./loch ./

Edit ~/Downloads/therion/loch/lxOGLFT.cxx

Replace line 474:

bbox = measure( s.GetChar( 0 ) );


bbox = measure((const wxChar) s.GetChar( 0 ) );

Replace line 478:

BBox char_bbox = measure( s.GetChar( i ) );


BBox char_bbox = measure((const wxChar) s.GetChar( i ) );

Replace line 657:

compile( s.GetChar( i ) );


compile((const wxChar) s.GetChar( i ) );

Replace line 780:

draw( s.GetChar( i ) );


draw((const wxChar) s.GetChar( i ) );

Edit ~/Downloads/therion/loch/lxSTree.cxx

Replace line 55:

: wxMiniFrame(parent, wxID_ANY, _(" Selection"),wxDefaultPosition, wxDefaultSize, (wxSYSTEM_MENU | wxCAPTION | wxCLOSE_BOX | wxRESIZE_BOX | wxRESIZE_BORDER) & (~(wxMINIMIZE_BOX | wxMAXIMIZE_BOX)))


: wxMiniFrame(parent, wxID_ANY, _(" Selection"),wxDefaultPosition, wxDefaultSize, (wxSYSTEM_MENU | wxCAPTION | wxCLOSE_BOX | wxRESIZE_BORDER) & (~(wxMINIMIZE_BOX | wxMAXIMIZE_BOX)))


In Terminal run:

cd ~/Downloads/therion
make config-macosx
cd loch
cd ..
sudo make install

Copy ~/Downloads/therion/loch/ to Applications folder

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