Therion Output Export Selection and Formats Explained

Therion's outputs are either biased towards presenting survey centerline information or biased towards presenting drawing information. See Outputs page for a summary of what you can get.

This is complicated by the ability to select for output survey centerline information and drawing information independently (and Therion’s various default selection behaviours) within the same th-config compiler file.

And further complicated as each of these two output types (centerline & drawing) ‘borrow’ information that is entered in the other (eg lox models ‘borrow’ drawing outlines, continuation–lists borrow continuation points from drawings, maps borrow centerlines (if they are defined to include particular centerlines)).

The result of all this is that, for example, a survey-list and map exported from the same th-config compilation will quite possibly not represent exactly the same parts of the cave system and thus produce differing statistics.* This is a natural consequence of Therion treating the centerline survey and map drawing quite independently, and allowing the user to select each type of data for output independently. The other consequence is that users may get confused because, for example, sometimes pdf and kml files are the result of map exports, and sometimes they are the result of model exports.

*From 5.3.11 you can force the statistics of a map object to match those of a particular survey, eg

map MiddleEarthPlanMap  -projection plan \
   -title "Middle Earth and<br>Lower Greenlink Caves<br>Plan View" \
   -survey MiddleEarth # survey option forces map statistics to match the survey

The discussion that led to this page, and this solution to the problem

Export Selection Format Tabulation
by combining Export type with Selection (primary data type) and may be included by Therion as secondary data (or selections by user) you can get these File formats
cave-list survey (centreline) explored length from point continuations in scraps .html, .txt, .dbf
<nothing else>(?) .kml (5.3.11)
survey-list survey (centreline) explored length from point continuations in scraps (?except duplicates not double counted??) .html, .txt, .dbf
continuation-listsurvey (centreline) point continuations from scraps.html, .txt, .dbf, .kml (5.3.11)
database survey (centreline) <nothing else>? or point continuations?.sql
model survey (centreline) passage walls, point passage-height & point dimensions from plan scraps .lox Loch, .dxf (except image)
surface model
surface image
<nothing else> .plt Compass
.3d Survex (not all metadata exported)
.esri, .vrml
.3dmf Toporobot
.kml Google Earth
map map (scrap, drawings) surface image (plan projections only) .pdf (single page), .svg, .xhtml, .xvi?? .th2?
scrap background sketches
centrelines (if defined as part of map object
<nothing else> .dxf (crashes?), .esri, .th2?
.3d Survex, .kml Google Earth .dxf .bbox (bounding coords)
survey (centreline) (only if no maps or scraps defined) .pdf, .svg, .xhtml, .xvi, .3d Survex (not sure?), .dxf, .esri?? .th2?
atlas map (scrap, drawings) surface image (plan projections only) .pdf ONLY (multi-page)
scrap background sketches
centrelines (if defined as part of map object)
survey (centreline) (only if no maps or scraps defined)
  • Table is best read from left to right
  • The right hand column in particular contains a few guesses. If you spot any errors or have suggestions let me know on the forum.
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