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Test uploading"

*Separating out legend, scale bar and north arrow.*

This Tex code separates out legend, north arrow and scale bar and can place them in specified position. Please note that invoking custom legend will cause map-image to fail. Instead of that \loadpicture command with full path to image can be used as shown below.

 code tex-map
\legendbox{85}{95}{NW}{              % set legend position
	\legendwidth 25 cm           % set width of the legend
	\legendtextsize={\size[18]}  % set font size
	\input th_legend
\legendbox{15}{95}{NW}{\northarrow}      % set north arrow position
\legendbox{50}{5}{NW}{\scalebar} 	 % set scale bar position
      \legendbox{5}{95}{NW} {\loadpicture{/full/path/to/image.png}}  % insert image. default map image command will not work.
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