2.1 Therion for cavers: Generally speaking

For most surveys, you'll need to create 3 text files: 1) .th file with your survey data, 2) .th2 file with your drawing data, 3) thconfig file where you can a) list things which should be part of final work, b) set layout options as symbol set, wether to use legend, etc, and c) specify your output: map and/or atlas and/or 3D model and/or centerline data in SQL format. It's quite convenient to save all three files in the same directory, and to give this directory the cave's name.

So you: a) go into text editor window to write your survey data in .th file b) go into map editor window to draw your walls, etc. They will be converted into commands and saved in a .th2 file c) go into compiler window, set your source, layout and export lines in a thconfig file, then press “Compile” button to get your instructions converted into finished map, 3D model or .sql file. d) go into model viewer window to see your new model, if you have instructed Therion to build it.

Final .pdf documents can be viewed with Adobe's Acrobat Reader if you are on the dark side, or xpdf if you are on *nix. You could use gv too, but for big caves, gv is simply too slooooow.

There are example data available. You should use it to do your first steps in Therion.

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