You can add other specification lines to your centerline data. In fact, you should specify (at least) date, declination, team members and data style-order. Add units lines if not using degress and meters default. Precission surveyers should have sd (standard deviation) and calibrate lines to fine-tune their instruments, etc. Again, for a complete list and description of available lines, you should read thbook.pdf.

If you are going to have more than one survey, it would be better to have declination specified on survey, not in centerline. This leads to automatic calculation of declination. More on this later.

Here is an usual plain-caver .th file. It's the same file you can find in “Examples” directory, without comments: You should edit FOO parts, etc, to suit your needs. Note this is for 400º compass and 360º clino. LRUD data is used.

survey FOO -title "FOO Cave"
  date YYYY.MM.DD
  declination -3 degrees
  team "Firstname Lastname"
  team "Firstname Lastname" # add as many team lines as you need
  units compass grad
  data normal from to length compass clino left right up down

  (survey data here)

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