So you have already referenced all your stations in the scrap. What now?

Well, you could place your gradient arrows. Enter point insertion mode, click to insert new point, then go to Point control panel and choose “gradient” from “type” menu (click on triangle to see menu).

Gradient arrows need to point in some direction. To achieve this, check “orientation” checkbutton. Now, on the canvas, the point will show an arrow. Click on arrow's head and drag it to desired direction. The same can be done by typing angle in textbox next to orientation checkbutton (360º). Then you can click on another place to insert other gradient arrow, and so on.

We know, it's still a point, not a gradient arrow. Xtherion is not WYSIWYG. You don't see any symbols on canvas, only points and lines. Don't worry: after compiling, symbols will be displayed in finished .pdf maps. And you can place the cursor over objects and see what they are in status bar.

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