When you open a new .th2 file. there are 2 red squares at bottom corners of canvas. These points are used to set scale manually. After drawing plan and extended scraps, they could not be visible. If selected object on canvas is not a manually scaled scrap, they will NOT be visible at all. You need to go to “File commands control” panel, then click on the line representing cross-section scrap you create on last step. They should be visible now. However, if some zooming was done, they could be out of visual reach. You may scroll canvas or set zooming to 25% to see them. Once found, they can be dragged.

Say, your drawed cross-section is roughly 5 meter tall and 2 meter wide. Place the first scale point in a grid intersection near the lower left corner of cross-section “box”. Place second one in grid intersection near upper rigth corner. Go to “Scrap control panel” → real scale points textboxes. Set coordinates for first scale points to 0,0. Set coordinates for second one to 2,5. Set units if needed (default: meters) Done

It does not matter how big you draw cross-section: final output size will be result of real scale points you give. So, if you like drawing cross-sections bigger than plan and extended, you need to give fake coordinates, i.e., in previous case, if you were drawing plan and elevation in 1:1000 scale and want to have cross sections at 1:500, you'll need to give not 0,0-2,5, but 0,0-4,10 instead.

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