These wiki pages originated from the html pages I published in September 2006. You are welcome to

  1. correct any mistake;
  2. rephrase sentences and paragraphs, for a better explanation, or just a better english;
  3. modify the images, and even replace any of them with better ones;
  4. add new sections;
  5. do whatever improvement you like.

However, please, do not disrupt the reference structure of the document, i.e., the section numbering and the keyword index. Also, please, fill in the pink bar with an edit summary. You can also put your initials there, or leave it anonymous.

Chapter 1 Installation
Chapter 2 Graphical objects
Chapter 3 Basic drawing
Chapter 4 Advanced drawing
Chapter 5 Expert usage
Chapter 6 Extending therion
Chapter 7 The next therion

This document was designed to come with a set of simple examples. Unfortunately they have evolved and do not correspond to what written in the pages. The example used to write Therion by Examples are now available, TBE Playground

Septermber 29, 2006
marco corvi <marco underscore corvi at geocities dot com>

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