tfc:3124 SURVEY DATA

Simply write it as tab-separated text. Once you have a data style-and-order line, you could press the “Scan data format” button on “Table data” control panel. Textboxes order will change accordingly to your data order line. If your data line has more keywords than textboxes in “Table data” control panel, they will be created. Now you can write readings in a more visual way, but since you still need to press “Tab” key to pass from one textbox to next, you will not save any typing.

So your data will probably have the usual format, say:

0       1       16.25   345     -10     1.00    0.85    6       1.60
1       2       4.10    275     1       0.30    0.90    2       1.60

I'm pretty sure that you have seen this data format before ;-)

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