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  • Authors: Philip Schuchardt and Philip Balister
  • Beginning: July 2004
  • Length: 5109.29m and Going!
  • Links to project map (doesn't work): map PDF 3mb
  • Finishing the mapping of the known caves in Dade County, Georgia, USA. Mostly small puds and nerdholes that nobody else wanted to survey :-).
  • Authors: Marty Abercombie, Jerry Wallace, Jonny Prouty
  • Beginning: 2005 ('Caves of Dade' project has been around for much longer, however)
  • Length: Multiple caves, ranging from 30 ft. to over 1000 ft.
  • Links to project page / maps: Nothing online yet.
  • documented 16503 m (year 2017, surveyed by Oriol Chavez, Vladimir Otero, Mariam Alonso, Julio Valdes, Gabriel García, Antonio Gonzalez, Jesus Pajón, Martin Sluka 2012–201, drawn by Vladimir Otero

Sistema Majaguas-Cantera, Sierra de San Carlos
Sistema Majaguas-Cantera 2017

  • Some small caves in northeastern Brazil:
    1. Gruta do Trono,
    2. Gruta da Catedral,
    3. Gruta Guambira
  • Field trip: December 2005
  • Authors:
    1. Grupo Pierre Martin de Espeleologia (GPME) -
    2. União Paulista de Espeleologia (UPE) -
  • Several caves in one of the most famous karst area in Brazil
    1. Sistema Temimina / map :zoomified map
    2. Gruta das Aranhas / map:zoomified map
    3. Gruta da Arataca / map:zoomified map
    4. Gruta da Lapinha
    5. Gruta do Gastãozinho
    6. Gruta dos Pedrôes
    7. Gruta do Morro do Chumbo
    8. and more to come..
  • Authors:
    1. União Paulista de Espeleologia (UPE) -
    2. Grupo Pierre Martin de Espeleologia (GPME) -
    3. with contributions from several Brazilian Speleological Groups.
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